Fruity, spicy, wood, flowers … With use of cannabis we can get as many flavor as you please at all times.

Each plant coming from marijuana seed has some unique characteristics of taste, smell and cannabinoids. The world of cannabis offers a wide range of possibilities, for cultivating different genetic varieties, can also have very different experiences of consumption. Different flavors and smells, that we can try and choose the one that suits our needs.

Until not too many years ago, on marijuana, you are only knew 3 kinds of flavor: fruity, earthy and floral, but today, thanks to the crossing of genetic varieties, there are at least 48 flavors contrasted by experts and consumers. Among the flavor and aromas that can be found are the fruity flavor, the aroma of coffee, the aroma of cheese, woody taste, the smell of jasmine, mint, pistachio, tabasco, lavender … In addition, the origin of full range of flavors offered marijuana is natural and organic.

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